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Specialized Products

CTI’s custom formulated products for metalworking are designed to clean and to protect metals from corrosion, loss of paint adhesion, high humidity, corrosive seashore environments, or to provide temporary protection during shipment. In addition, we supply the Industrial Market with cleaners for floors, food processing equipment, as well as many other cleaning applications.

Alprep Aluminum deoxidizers, chromium chromate and chromium phosphate pre-treatments.
Hydrotech Acidic cleaners, scale removers and etchants.
Northstrip Paint strippers (hot alkaline & cold solvent)
Powertech Spray cleaners, all types i.e. alkaline, acidic, oil splitting, emulsifying, and low temperature.


Zn phosphate
Heavy Zn phosphate
Ca modified
Zn phosphate
Manganese phosphate
Iron phosphates

Phosphate pretreatments for steel and coated steels
(electrogalvanize, HDG, Zn/Ni, Galvaneal, and Zn/Al
Techlene Immersion cleaners, alkaline
Uniprep Iron phosphate pretreatment, which cleans and treats in one step
Electrotech Electrocleaners for use in the plating industry
Rinse Final rinse and sealers
Series 800 Toners, pH adjusters, activators, blackening agents, brighteners, grain refiners and neutralizers.

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