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Dr. H.B. North,
1921 - 1954

In 1921, Dr. H.B. North founded North Metal & Chemical Company for the manufacture of tungsten and molybdenum compounds and other rare earth elements. Reorganized in the 1930's as a commercial production facility, NM&C became a critically important supplier of Tungstic Acid during World War II. Development of new applications for molybdenum additives in subsequent decades prompted major expansions in 1965, 1977 and 1986. By 1977, NM&C was the largest domestic producer of sodium molybdates and it still is.

NM&C is a recognized equal opportunity employer with a proven commitment to high ethical and business standards. The company's leaders strive to provide a pleasant, productive and professional work environment; to provide each employee the respect and dignity they deserve; to give each employee an opportunity to give the company their best effort and to recognize and reward those efforts.

Fred C. Fay,
1944 - 1976



Jeff Hammel
2010 - present


Today, North Metal & Chemical Co. (NM&C) is a $15 million, debt-free, family owned and operated producer/supplier of sodium molybdate and other chemicals serving the water treatment, pigment, agriculture, metal finishing, antifreeze, lubricant and fuel additive industries worldwide.

NM&C maintains over $3 million of finished goods to guarantee our customers a stable and secure source of molybdenum and other chemicals in the event of a crisis or shortage.

All orders for one drum to truckload quantities are shipped the next business day or as requested.

NM&C is unrivaled in customer service and technical support for the industries we serve.

Strict Quality Assurance programs and ISO 9001:2008 practices assure products of the highest quality and consistency.

An on-site stockpile of molybdenum ore and a non-union labor force insulate NM&C from major disruptions facing other producers in our industry.

Fred C. Fay, II
1976 - 2009



Molybdenum (Mo)

Density = 10.22/cm2

Melting Temp = 4,753° F

Chemical uses of Mo often go unnoticed.  A few applications include:

  • Desulfurization - Mo lowers the sulfur levels in fuels.
  • Corrosion inhibition and pigments - Mo salts effectively control corrosion in antifreeze products and water treatment systems.  They are also used in the production of inorganic pigments.
  • Smoke suppression & lubrication - Mo reduces the flammability in some polymer systems  and is used  in lubricating greases, dispersion, and bonded coatings.
  • Agriculture – used in seed treating and as a soil additive for crops, Mo increases the yield of Soybeans and other legumes.