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Jeff Hammel
2010 - present


Today, North Metal & Chemical Co. (NM&C) is a $15 million, debt-free, family owned and operated producer/supplier of sodium molybdate and other chemicals serving the water treatment, pigment, agriculture, metal finishing, antifreeze, lubricant and fuel additive industries worldwide.

NM&C maintains over $3 million of finished goods to guarantee our customers a stable and secure source of molybdenum and other chemicals in the event of a crisis or shortage.

All orders for one drum to truckload quantities are shipped the next business day or as requested.

NM&C is unrivaled in customer service and technical support for the industries we serve.

Strict Quality Assurance programs and ISO 9001:2008 practices assure products of the highest quality and consistency.

An on-site stockpile of molybdenum ore and a non-union labor force insulate NM&C from major disruptions facing other producers in our industry.

Fred C. Fay, II
1976 - 2009